Friday 18 March 2016

TLC - Safe Environment to Play for Children

Play is what  children and young  people do when  they follow their  own ideas and  interests, in their  own way and for  their own reasons
play encompasses children's behaviour which is freely chosenpersonally directed and intrinsically motivated. It is performed for no external goal or reward, and is a fundamental and integral part of healthy development - not only for individual children, but also for the society in which they live.
(Video spontaneous  dance sessions in play time totally initiated and managed by children).


Freely chosen means that children themselves choose when, how and what to play. As such it is not part of a set programme and does not have any steps that need to be completed.
Personally directed means children themselves decide the rules and roles they take within their play.
Intrinsically motivated means that play is undertaken for its own sake, and not performed for any reward, certificate or status.

Why Promote Unstructured Play?
Children have to play
It’s a biological need… eating
Unstructured play allows children to do the things it’s body is telling it to do. Run, jump, climb, scream, swing, explore, enquire, be creative.
Without unstructured play, how can children learn to make decisions and take risks?

Benefits of Unstructured Play.
Helps children develop, socially, emotionally, physically, cognitively and creatively.
Allows children to make independent decisions.
Children learn to manage risk.
Science has linked lack of play with behaviourial and emotional problems.
Play underpins learning.

It has been shown that children do better if they spend time in a natural environment

'The right to play is the child's first claim on the community. Play is nature's training for life. No community can infringe that right without doing enduring harm to the minds and bodies of its citizens.'  

Places to play
Play ground
Natural Environments like beaches; nature parks; sanctuaries buffer zones etc.
Large Halls; Rooms
Any place that is safe for children..

Trishul Learning Centre - Provides Safe Environment for Children to Play; Explore Creativity under supervision of multiple female faculties. Daily quota of unstructured play is essential for development of children.

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