Wednesday 19 March 2014

Trishul Learning Centre

Trishul Learning Center

Our objective at Trishul Learning Centre (TLC) is to help children from economically weaker communities in rural areas and urban slums build a strong educational foundation, develop self-esteem, and assimilate values, which will help them maximise their potential and become economically independent and responsible citizens.
At Trishul, we believe education and life skills development are primary stepping stones for children from less-privileged communities to enter the mainstream economy and lead a better-quality life. 
At TLC, we provide free learning facility to children, focussing on Math, Science, and English. We blend our coaching with activity-based learning, project work, field trips, arts, crafts, sports and unstructured play to facilitate holistic development of the children. Expert counselling and mentoring sessions on career and personality development are also conducted by visiting faculty.
LocationJoseph-Patil Wadi

Aram Nagar Road, After Versova Welfare School, Near Aram Nagar Part I, Versova, Andheri West, Mumbai - 400061.

Beneficiaries of this project
Children between ages 9 years old to 14 years old living in Joseph-Patil Wadi, Sunder Wadi, Deva-chi-Wadi and other neighborhood localities. 

Math, Science and English Language Skills
Life Skill Development

Class Room Coaching - Math, Science, English, GK, supported by Audio Visuals, Discussions, Experiential Learning and Role Plays.

Field Trips.. 

Learning Creativity and Imagination through .. Art Workshops

Un-Structured Play time at TLC

Yoga Session at TLC

Learning Environment Conservation and Waste Recycle

Awards and Recognition to Motivate good work by children

Learning Art of Public Speaking and Reading Skills
Field Trips

Toy Library for Kids

Celebrating together 


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